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Help stop the eye fatigue of rapidly changing scenary super detailed landscapes.


Help stay focused while coding & designing for long hours at a time.

Finance Consultants

Relax & find the best deals on the market, don’t get weary after a long day of trading.

Want To See Another Line?



Clarity & Precision

100% Clear protection when you need it. 
Can't sleep? Blurry eyes and headaches?
Your eyes will thank us.

An Eye for Design

Our Frames are designed Switzerland, our Lenses are clear and block ~80% of the harmful blue-light emmited by devices. They block wavelengths of 400-440 nm.

  • Lens Width53mmLens Width
  • Bridge Size 19mmBridge Size
  • Temple Length 140mmTemple Length

Save your eyes while working

Our lens block 100% of Ultra Violet Light up to 400nm
Now that's what we call protection