Our Story

The mission to integrate health
and wellness into our everyday lifestyle.

10 hours and 39 minutes.

That's how much time per day we stare into our screens. (Nielson 2016)

was started out of necessity to solve a global issue that is only growing faster by the day.

With every second spent staring at a screen, harmful blue light is emitting towards our eye. Research shows that blue light exposure can negatively impact different parts of our brain and body. They include digital eye strain, disruption of our sleep cycle, macular cellular damage, and more.

There's no slowing down...

As entrepreneurs burning the midnight oil, we get that technology is an increasingly important component in our lives and careers.

We wanted to design a product that enabled us to be focused for longer periods while protecting our eyes at the same time.

But wearing clunky, yellow-tinted glasses in the office wasn't an option.

A Better Solution

We created iGOTHAM to help everyone work and live healthier.

To accomplish this lofty mission, we knew that we had to be world-class in 3 things:

Offer top quality lenses, with designer brand styles, at remarkable prices.

By selling directly to our customers online, and crafting our products locally in the United States, we're able to provide premium blue light blocking eyeglasses at a remarkable price.

It's that simple. Look great and feel great, without breaking the bank.

Designer Style + Premium Lenses + Remarkable Prices